About Bohol  ... 

About bohol

With its lush tropical vegetation and green rice fields, Bohol boasts many extremely beautiful scenic locations. It is the (10th) largest of the 7,101 Philippine Islands and located in the very peaceful Central Visaya region.

The Filipino reputation for friendliness is expressed, at its highest level, in Bohol. The people in Bohol are extremely helpful, accommodating and open to foreigners.

Here there is so much to see and to experience. Why don’t you participate in the offered excursions to the famous Chocolate Hills, to the waterfalls for bathing, to the mountains or to the rice fields, to picnic in the jungle, to the lonely islands on a tree-boat, to beautiful Candijay or to dolphin and whale watching? For a unique experience visit the nature reserve of the Tarsier. For groups and guests with special interests. We gladly organize specifically assembled trips.

In addition to a multitude of plants, animals and aquatic life (for the nature lover), Bohol also offers cultural enrichment. Visit some of the oldest churches of the Philippines and marvel at the architecture and impressive ceiling paintings. Experience the color of provincial fiestas and festivals.

Participate one of the official trips over Bohol.  Or order a taxi or van and start a trip by yourself and make your  personal experience. The drivers and boats men know their islands very well and will show you the nicest places and attractions. Our staff from Sun Apartelle will help you with the organization.

Facing our resort a “Purok” is found- a bus stop. Do yourself a favor and be sure to, at least once, take a trip to Tagbilaran with a local bus.

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