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Tagbilaran City is the capital of our island. The newly expanded dock is the boarding site for many slow and fast ferries which transport visitors and products between many islands.

The city airport was recently expanded and renovated to enable three airlines (including Philippine Airlines) to fly between Tagbilaran, Cebu and Manila. There are several flights per week and the flight from Tagbilaran to Manila takes only 40 minutes (PAL) or 2 hours (Asian Spirit).

The traffic in Tagbilaran City is quite busy due mainly to over 2,000 tricycles and many public buses. The tricycles, despite being troublesome because of their low-speed and carefree driving style, always provide a practical, very economical and convenient mode of travel and adventures for a negotiated price.

There are four department stores in Tagbilaran as well as three market places for fresh fruit and vegetables of season plus fish and meat.  There are countless pharmacies where where most medicines are sold over-the-counter for cheaper prices than many western countries.

Tagbilaran has a small museum which is located in the house of the former Philippine President Garcia Hernandez. In the upper section of the museum, rooms are to be seen in their original condition and feature some pretty, antique clothing.

There is also a culture hall which frequently stages performances, exhibitions and other cultural activities. Particularly popular are the diverse MISS competitions.

For folks who gladly anticipate dancing in the evening, the restaurant Kilum-kilum regularly features live bands. Both large hotels in Tagbilaran offer disco as well as ballroom dancing. Pairs as well as singles can participate as dancing partners/instructors (male and female) can be hired for a small fee. A casual mode of ballroom dancing allows for any comfortable clothing to be appropriate. Dance is one of the favorite occupations of Filipinoes.

To mark the occasion of the Blood Compact in the year 1565, the Sandugo festival is held every July. The festival, involving many activities, is famous for its Street Dancing. From all over the island, provincial dance groups combine in colorful costumes manufactured from simple natural materials. After a procession through the city, the dance competition is held in the large sports complex.

Simple instruments, mainly drums provide music for traditional dances which recall historic occasions or the work routine of the islanders.


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Cathedral window





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Cathedral window


Old house









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Rizal park











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