A tropical, but very comfortable and compatible climate awaits you. Protection from the sun is recommended. No inoculations are prescribed, however we advise the standard medical precautions for travel. In the Visayas region we have no problems with malaria and other tropical diseases. Travelers to the more remote regions of Palawan and Mindanao should seek medical information and advice so as to ensure a care- free vacation. We have doctors in Tagbilaran and for acute problems, and ambulance in Panglao. If you would like to dive, we recommend a diving medical check up- which is available here and very inexpensive. Dental problems are well accommodated and solved here by high quality, low cost dentists. Numbers of travelers here negate the expense of their vacations by taking advantage of the low-cost dental services. Their holiday  ensures not only spiritual refreshment but also physical renovation. We are glad to help with any such enquiries or desires.



The Philippines, by and large, is a safe "safe-journey" country, kidnappings and similar events pertain almost exclusively to muslim regions in the south of Mindanao. In the Visayas region, where we are located, it is safer than in European cities. Women  who travel alone here are not annoyed and can feel safe. Filipinos are kind and helpful to the foreigners.



The currency of the Philippines is the Peso. For your vacation we recommend US$ or Euro, but other currencies are also accepted. American Express Traveller checks are also exchanged. Credit cards are not accepted everywhere (or with advance payment), hence we advise you to bring a certain amount in cash. The bill for your accommodation in our apartments can be paid directly to us in cash or at your travel agency. Cash is generally changed to local currency at licensed money changer- not all banks exchange foreign currencies. For your valuables, a hotel safe is found in each apartment.


Pocket money

It is only necessary to carry small amounts of cash on your person. Food and drinks are very low-priced and alcoholic drinks for night fanatics are likewise extremely cheap. You can spend more, naturally, for example if you enjoy good shopping facilities. A stroll in one of the shopping malls in Cebu City, with their favorable prices and diverse merchandise can be a satisfying experience.



Besides the national language of the Philippines, Tagalog and countless regional dialects, English is widely spoken. With a slight proficiency in English and a little kindness, you will have no problem.



Power supply is 220 volts 60 Hz. Plug adaptors can be lent gratuitously. Occasional short power outages. (brown-outs) are possible.



Cellular phones with GSM standard can easily log in to the Philppine network. For international calls however, we recommend the landline telephone (far cheaper). In our reception there is an internet facility, so for news and communications you can use our address or one of the many freemail suppliers.


T-shirts, shorts and sandals are appropriate and some easy, light clothes for special occasions. Cotton is the premium material.



Do not bring along too many clothes. Divers should save each free kilo for the dive equipment. We offer a washing/ironing service for a small fee.


Photo and video

KB negative film are obtainable everywhere. Slides and films as well as VHS-C, high 8, and also digital video are harder to find. Film can be developed in Tagbilaran with 1 hour services. Slides are sent to to Cebu and will require about 14 days. Filipinos are not shy and generally you will find it easy to take photographs.


Motorcycle and jeep rental

Motorcycle and motorscooters of different sizes and capacities can be rented. Motorscooters with automatic, 3-gear transmissions, 200c.c. endures and 600c.c. choppers are available. Jeeps built in the Philippines are also offered to rent. Some allowance for inconvenience are unreliability should be made. Reservations and prices can be easily negotiated. A foreign driver’s licence is acknowledged as valid for 6 weeks



You can visit the Philippines for 21 days without a visa. Longer stay visas are easily arranged before traveling.



For traveling in the Philippines. We recommend “ Philippine Travel Guide” by Jens Peters (840 pages, 16 color pages 175 maps, 200 illustrations, e-mail directory). Check also his comprehensive website

Travel Guide Philippines Jens Peters


  • Check the very informative and beautiful home page of Dutchman “Jeroen Hellingman” we highly recommend it.

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  • If you seek information about observing whales and dolphins in our area, please open this page:

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  • If you need a local telephone number, this link will deliver the telephone directory of Panglao

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