Long term sunshine vacations in the Philippines at Sun Apartelle

Are you independent, a pensioner or a person with allot of spare time? How would Sun Apartelle suit you for a long term vacation?

If it becomes cold and unfriendly in other countries then visit us and bask in the warmth of the Philippine sun. For this luxury you don't require a large budget. The cost of living here is clearly lower than in other countries. Enjoy your time in Sun Apartelle with the special swimming pool and beautiful garden. Our apartments are perfect for long term vacations.( Long Term vacations are available from the 1st of May until the 1st of November Only)

We offer you a great vacation along with our friendly services. The prices for restaurants are also very attractive. For a supper, European style (without drinks) you should anticipate prices of between 3 US$ - 5 US$. We will gladly help with Visa formalities etc.

Even for pensioners with a small pension, a long-term vacation is quite reasonable here. Easy contact and communication with your children, relatives or friends is available through telephone, fax, our free internet cafe (for guests only), etc. Travel arrangements can be easily changed. Even in person as Tagbilaran, the capital of Bohol Island, is a scenic 20-minute drive away.

We gladly offer you detailed information for considering a long-term vacation here( Long Term vacations are available from the 1st of May until the 1st of November). Please write to us without any obligation.

do it differently!

Do it differently !

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